Accepted papers

Mattias Esbjörnssons article Work in Motion: Interpretation of Defects along the Roads will be presented at IRIS (11-14 Aug).

Accepted papers

Oskar Juhlin’s article Traffic Behaviour as Social Interaction – Implications for the Design of Artificial Drivers will be published in the Norwegian Sociological Yearbook this summer.

Vinnova report

Our report, on visions in the wireless industry regarding mobile IT and road use in the year 2010, is now publicly available in our section for publications. It will also … Continue Reading →

Digital Bridges

Digital Bridges is now one of our studio partners. For further information, se the press release. The partnership is also commented in the weekly newsletter Digital Content and Commerce (Issue … Continue Reading →

Technical progress

Yesterday a first test of the PlaceMemo-prototype was conducted. The prototype appeard to be functional, messages could easily be recorded and placed along the roads.

Accepted papers

The article: Supporting Bus Driver Collaboration: New Services for Public Transport Management written by Oskar Juhlin and Daniel Normark-Vesterlind has been accepted at the 8th ITS world congress.

Vinnova project

The mobility studio will be responsible for an investigation concerning the development of future mobile IT-services and technical solutions among roadusers (Utredning av tjänste- och teknikutvecklingen för personbaserat mobilt IT-stöd … Continue Reading →

Accepted papers

The shortpaper: Mobile Reporting: Supporting Road Inspectors written by Mattias Esbjörnsson has been accepted as a poster at Interact.

Accepted papers

The article: Decentralizing the Control Room: Mobile Work and Institutional Order written by Alexandra Weilenmann and Oskar Juhlin has been accepted at ECSCW.

Bergendahls stiftelse

Bergendahls stiftelse will finance parts of our research. The outcome will be a research project carried out together with Cleanosol.