Mudassar Ahmad Mughal

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Mudassir is a Ph.D student in the Mobility studio working on technical challenges in an emerging type of multimedia applications, referred to as live mobile collaborative video production systems. His current research interest is to investigate technical challenges in forthcoming new kind of hybrid media at the intersection of live mobile collaborative videos and Internet of things. He holds a Bachelor degree in software engineering from University of engineering and technology Taxila, Pakistan and a Master degree in interenetworking (communication systems) from Royal institure of technology. 


Mughal, M. A., Tousi, R.  Delay and collaboration in live mobile video production,   in CHI workshop Video interaction – Making broadcasting a successful social media at CHI2011 – Position paper

Mughal, M. A., Juhlin, O. Context-dependent software solutions to handle video synchronization and delay in collaborative live mobile video production.  in Personal Ubiquitous Computing (2013) Springer-Verlag London 201310.1007/s00779-013-0701-z  -Journal paper.

Mughal, M.A. Zoric, G. Juhlin, O. Frame Rate Exclusive Sync Management of Live Video Streams in Collaborative Mobile Production Environment. In Proceedings of the 6th ACM  MoVid 14′  Singapore, 2014.

Mughal, M.A. Wang, J. Juhlin, O. Juxtaposing Mobile Webcasting and Ambient Video for Home Decore. In Proceedings of 13th International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Multimeda (MUM2014).

Wang, J. Mughal, M.A.  Juhlin, O. Experiencing Liveness of a Cherished Place in the Home In proceedings of ACM TVX 2015.

Mughal, M.A., Juhlin, O., Engström, A. Dynamic delay handling in mobile live video production systems
Patent: EP20120186600,


Ph.D Thesis 

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