The increasing importance on experiences within mobile interaction design has put the selection of colours, materials and form to the fore. However, the discussion of such aspects in design research has not yet accounted for how users themselves, and industry, pay attention to those aspects e.g. as forms of fashion and in relation to peoples’ complete outfits. Thus, we argue that fashion logics is part of users´ context in which they select colour and material. A neglect of understanding, and relating to, fashion dynamics might lead both to missed opportunities, as well as a decrease in the take up of new applications.

We coined a term ‘outfit-centric’ accessory, which means that accessory takes the secondary position and complement the whole outfit. By applying this approach, we did two experiments: one is ‘matching application’ using current Android environment.

The other one is ‘wrinkle phone’ using emerging technology such as organic interface, informed by fashion practice ie. Dressing and matching practice.


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Yanqing Zhang

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