LiveNature – New media for cherished places

More details, see LiveNature project blog.

We investigate a new hybrid media that combines emergent mobile technologies for video interaction with the advances in the Internet of Things in order to generate consumer-oriented applications. Combining these sources into new hybrid formats could produce more diverse ways of experiencing remote contexts.


We are interested in the role of emerging enjoyment services in temporally and spatially distributed leisure and experience activities. We foresee that developing new hybrid media to broadcast the wild and nature, and its display and presentation in home environments.


Building on ethnographic work studying people’s experiences of nature and the wild, as well as outdoor activities, we propose to build trial systems that support sharing nature experiences online and display them at home in urban areas. Using sensors, cameras, microphones and mobile phones we will experiment with medialising what goes on in forests and in the sea, as well as sharing it online over the web to phone and on the web.

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